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Currency Field

The currency field allows capturing a monetary value, in a specific currency.

The supported currency codes are based on the ISO 4217 standard.

Basic usage

Adds a currency field to the fields of an action.



See fields for common parameters.


The specific currency to be used.
For example, can be set to 'USD' or 'EUR' or any ISO 4217 currency code.

If unset, the user will be able to select the currency from a list of all available currencies after considering the whitelist and blacklist.


Limits the available currencies to the ones in the list.
For example, can be set to ['USD', 'EUR'] to only allow US Dollars and Euros.


Excludes the currencies in the list from the available currencies.
For example, can be set to ['AUD', 'GBP'] to exclude Australian Dollars and British Pounds.


Preview of a currency field in a form