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Knowledge Library Articles

Knowledge Library Articles are designed to streamline the management and retrieval of large text documents within your organization.
By categorizing these articles into specific "rooms" and "shelves," you can efficiently organize and access the information when building AI models using retrieval augmented generation (RAG).


This feature is currently a work in progress.

Basic Principle

Organizational Structure

Our system uses an intuitive structure to help you categorize and locate articles.

The structure consists of:

Library: The overarching container for all your knowledge articles. This is automatically set to your organization.
Rooms: Broad categories representing different departments or areas within your organization.
Shelves: Subcategories within each room, further organizing the documents.
Articles: The actual documents stored within each shelf.

As you can see, the structure is hierarchical, with each level providing more specific information about the location of the article.

It is similar to how you would think about retrieving a book from a library, starting with the library, then moving to a specific room, shelf, and finally the book itself.

For example, consider the following organizational structure:

  • Client Services Room:

    • Client Contracts
      • Active Clients
      • Past Clients
    • Support Documents
      • User Guides
      • Troubleshooting Manuals
      • FAQs
    • Service Reports
      • Monthly Reports
      • Annual Reviews
      • Client Feedback
  • Administrative Room:

    • Human Resources
      • Employee Records
      • Payroll Documents
      • Benefits and Compensation
    • Finance
      • Accounts Payable
      • Accounts Receivable
      • Financial Statements
    • Tax Documents
      • Legal
      • Contracts
      • Compliance Documents
      • Legal Correspondence

When setting up your articles, you simply specify the room and shelf where the article belongs.
This categorization aids in more precise retrieval of documents, enabling AI models to access relevant information quickly.

Integration with AI Models

Documentation on how to integrate knowledge libraries into flows and models will be available soon.