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The Stubber Framework

The conceptual framework of Stubber


The Stubber Framework is a structured way of defining any organizational process or procedure. The Stubber Framework defines how to model a process and how to run it.


Processes are modeled using the Stubber Framework.
The word process here is used very liberally as a process in the Stubber Framework can be anything that can be automated or collaborated on.
The Stubber Framework is used to :

  • define organizational processes
  • define how processes are started
  • define what data is collected at each step
  • describe the steps that need to be taken in a process

The Stubber Framework is the basis for the Stubber Platform which is an online platform that implements these concepts and ideas. The Stubber Platform is hosted at app.stubber.com.


The Stubber Framework differentiates itself by providing more clarity and more flexibility in modelling real-world processes.
The Stubber Framework is a combination of ideas and concepts from other frameworks and methodologies.
The Stubber Framework models processes not in a workflow but in a collection of workflows loosely connected together.

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