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Contacts are documents containing the contact information for people important to your org. The information isn't only used for record-keeping and notifications, it's also used to invite users to your org, and to control their permissions once they've joined.

Contact Points

When creating a contact you're able to record their contact points as well as their personal details. Contact points are their real-world points of communication like cellphone numbers and email addresses.

Inviting a contact to your org

After adding an email address contact point to a contact, you can invite them to join your org as a user. First, you will need to add them to a team as a member, after which you'll be able to send them an invitation to join your org. image Once they've accepted the invitation you'll see a *Stubber user indicator on their contact. image

The contact's permission level can be controlled through their team.

Group contacts

Contacts can either be created as individuals, or as representatives of a group. Group contacts can not be added to teams.


Notifications can be directly sent to a contact, in which the notification will be delivered to the contact point of the specified notification type.