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Templates and Stubs

Defining processes and running them

Stubber separates the definition of a process from the execution of a process.

A template is where the process is defined in Stubber.
Think of it as a blueprint for the process.
Think of it as a template for the stubs that will be created from it.
A template is the defining structure.

A stub is where the process is executed and run.
Think of it as a working version of the template that can be run and executed.
Think of it as a unique instance of the template.


There is a 1 to many relationship between templates and stubs.
Each template can have many stubs created from it.
Each stub is created from a single template.
Templates & Stubs


Here is an example of a template used to define a "sales enquiry" and the stubs that are created from it.
We have a stub for each person that the sales enquiry is with.
Templates & Stubs Example


On the Stubber Platform there are 2 applications that are used to work with templates and stubs.

The Editor application used to create and modify templates.
The Stubs application is used to create and work with stubs.
Templates & Stubs Platform