1. Actions
  2. Menu categories


Menu categories

Display categories on the Actions Menu block.


Actions belong to menu categories in which they will be grouped when displayed from the Actions Menu block.

Stubs start with two special categories by default, the 'Recommended' category, and the 'All' category. Default categories The 'Recommended' category contains actions that are executable due to them being available from the stub's current state, and the 'All' category contains the actions contained in 'Recommended', as well as actions that are configured to be executable from any state. It is called 'All' since the actions contained within are all the actions that can be executed at that time.

Adding your own categories

You can add actions to your own menu categories by editing the action's details.menu_categories property.


Custom category example

You can add the action to as many categories as you'd like.


Multiple categories

Action availability

It is important to note that adding an action to a menu category does not cause it to always be available from the actions menu. If the action is not available to be executed, due to it not being available from that state or otherwise, it will not appear on the actions menu. If there are no actions available for a given menu category, the menu category will not display on the actions menu.