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Posts Container Block

The Posts Container block displays a list of the stub's posts, and indicators of when the stub's state changed.

What the Posts Container block looks like: posts container

Post Sections

Every post contains sections that can be shown or hidden with the section buttons. section buttons


The attachments section displays files that were attached to the stub on the post's action. attachments


The data section displays the contents of the post's stubpost.data object. data


The tasks section displays the result of the tasks that were run on the post's action. tasks

  • Success means the task ran successfully.
  • Failed means the task failed while it was busy executing.
  • Skipped means the task didn't pass it's conditions and didn't execute.

You can also see each task's result object.

Advanced Mode

The advanced mode section displays the entire stubpost object in a powerful JSON editor. advanced mode

Add Comment

The add comment section allows you to leave a comment on the post. add comment

Basic Usage

This example block is added to the stub layout via the layout editor and is only visible to stubber authenticated users.

The default configuration is as follows :