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Creating a Template

Creating a new template and modifying existing templates

From Scratch

When starting from scratch, you will start with a blank template.
This is the quickest way to get started with a new template, but you will need to add all the components and logic to the template yourself.

Creating from scratch

  • Template Name
    • Enter the name of your new template
  • Template Description (Optional)
    • Enter a description of your new template
  • Parent Template

Copying an existing Template

In some cases you might want to create a new template from an existing template that already does some of the things you would like to use in your new template. You might want to copy a template to test some new ideas or techniques without introducing bugs into a working, production template.

Follow these step to create a new template by copying an existing template.

From the Template Overview Page:

Copying a template

  1. Click on Copy
  2. Enter the name you wish to give to the new Template
  3. Click the Copy Template Button

The new template will be created and you will be presented with the Template Overview page for the new template.

New Template in the Template List: Opening Editor

Changing the parent of an existing Template

If you have an existing template and you want to change it's parent template, follow these steps.

From the Template Overview Page:

Change Parent

  1. Click the edit icon next to the template name
  2. Pick a new parent template from the dropdown
  3. Click away from the dropdown to save the change

See Template Inheritance for more information