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  2. Contacts Directory


Contacts Directory


How to add and edit contacts in the contacts directory

First navigate to manage as seen below

Navigating to manage

Then select contacts from the left hand menu as seen below

Navigating to contacts

Adding a contact

Click on new contact on the right hand side

Adding contact

Add name, title and any identifying details to the new contact

Adding contact

Adding emails and numbers to a contact

You may add contact points such as emails, numbers and other platform details as seen below.

You may add one of each contact point

Adding contact

Once you have added all the contacts details you need.

Click create contact to save the contact to your organization

Adding contact

Removing a contact

Deleting a contact

  1. Click on the four Dots at the top right
  2. Select the Manage option.
  3. Select Contacts in the left menu
  4. Chose the contact you wish to delete in the middle column
  5. Scroll to the very bottom of the contact details section
  6. Click Delete Contact at the bottom.

Clicking the Delete Contact will immediately remove the contact. No warning is given nor confirmation asked.